Project Running: Training Day 16




Disappointing news: although I have apparently made a very good impression on the interviewer, my general knowledge of the Danish market is apparently too narrow, having worked the past 8 years with sales and marketing of highly technical and very specialized products – hence the Employment Office  has rejected my application with them. Ironically, I will thus become a customer of the same department I wanted to work for, only on the other side of the desk. In the good news section: I have stumbled upon a website that facilitates jobs for ordinary people,  by ordinary people – anything from babysitting, cleaning to language tutoring, help with gardening, shopping,  catering. I have signed up this week and have already two assignments. It’s quick money and very flexible schedule. I feel like back in my uni years, considering I am turning 40 next month and I am only half way through my working life, I might as well feel 20.
My training is working out well, I am building on length and time.
My thoughts tonight are with Farfar’s Hanne – she is admitted in Odense Hospital and we have yet to receive her diagnosis. It is saddening and at this point we can’t do much beyond hoping for the best.

Tusind tak, fa’fa’!

I received this gorgeous pot of flowers from Fa’fa’ as a first-day-on-the-job gift. The colour is gorgeous and it complements the other pot (also from F’afa’) splendidly!

Mange tak, Fa’fa’!

Proud as a peacock

I ran today in the Intersport City Odense race – a comfortable run, without a pulse watch, in excellent weather conditions – I performed better than I had expected, mainly because the half marathon runners that went past me turned on my competitive gene – they looked so effortless and elegant, almost gliding across the pavement, I couldn’t but attempt to emulate their running style, for stretches that did not last longer than a couple of minutes at a time – I shaved off more than 10 minutes of my usual time and came in just after 1 hour – a performance I am very proud of. Thank you Kincsem, Matthias, Izabel and Farfar for coming along and sending me off in good spirit.


Open Air Concert – Opera på Engen 2012

This year’s Opera på Engen event was blessed with gorgeous weather – Izabel did not sit still for a minute, Matthias fell asleep half way through intermission, whereas Kincsem, Farfar and I enjoyed the concert. I look forward to this event every year, mostly because it is also about the city coming together, enjoying a civilized afternoon, under the (sometimes) clear blue sky. I am particularly grateful for the child-friendly setting, for it being accessible to anyone interested and for the perseverance with which the organizers keep coming back every year, irrespective of weather conditions. Thank you, Odense Symfoniorkester, we look forward to next year!

Expat potluck dinner May 2012 – Odense Centralbibliotek

We were invited to our local library’s Expat Dinner meeting, our second of this kind, I have published about this event before. There were a lot more people this time and a more relaxed and casual atmosphere, probably because they had a children’s books author do a workshop, which sort of broke the ice. We met a lot of people with interesting backgrounds (a Polish-Alaskan soldier who was deployed to Afghanistan and came to visit his Polish sister in Denmark, who, by the way, is married to an Indian guy, who speaks fluent Spanish) – I myself am excited about meeting Sandra from the university, an Argentinian woman with whom we decided to start a Spanish speaking club – we are convening for the first time at our place, on the 23rd of June – can’t wait to see where this is taking me, so far all people on our list are extremely intriguing and funny. !Vamonos! Thank you, Odense Centralbibiliotek, for yet another engaging evening. And for the beautifully illustrated Andersen collection of fairy tales Kicsem won!