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Modern (and cold) Ibsen

We went to see Koldt Produkt last night (multajn dankojn, Liss-Lotte, nia Esperanta avino por zorgi pri nia infaneto, Matthias). It was as shocking to watch the adapted version as it must have been in Ibsen’s time to watch the original – the ending was just as the titel, cold, cynical and lacking any sense of humanity, or perhaps precisely the opposite, humanity stripped to its bare essence. I found the actors extremely talented – it is rarely I hear so well articulated Danes, that I actually understand every single word without having to wonder what they were saying (and occasionally, screaming to each other). Being close to the scene, almost parttaking in the play itself, brought the whole experience extremely close to one’s perception of what was going on, you couldn’t help but feel the frustration pouring down on you, the anger and pain magnified on the electronic screen in the background – I rarely turn my face away from a screen or a stage, but last night I had to, as it was far too shocking, moving beyond my comfort zone. We both picked up Matthias with the feeling of gratefulness one has, after having thought their child was kidnapped. A strong and well-written, well-played scene, the closing scene will remain long after the proverbial curtain went down. Thank you, Odense Teater. Thank you, Ibsen.


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