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Nagymama és Nagytata

Today Matthias did something which filled our hearts with joy: he was sitting in the kitchen with Kincsem and suddenly pointed at the picture of his maternal grandparents and went “ta-ta” (last two syllables of Nagytata, grandfather in Hungarian) – he has been pointing at the Einstein posters in my office for quite a while, but this came totally unexpectedly. We felt the need to videotape him, and you know how things go when you want your kid to repeat his genious comment from 5 minutes ago, in front of the camera. For the fourth time.


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  1. Jajj de ügyes!!!! Teljesen el vagyok ájulva, hogy ilyen mondja, nem kavarodott meg a 3 nyelvtôl, ez biztató!! Nagyon ügyi! Puszi