Samy’s flat bread

300 g flour, 80 g water, 1tsp sugar, 1tsp salt, 1 egg, 2tsp greek yoghurt, 8 g fresh yeast . Make a dough and add 50 g of Olive oil and chopped coriander. Leave it in the fridge min.24 hour.

Roll out and cook it in a very hot pan.

My last working day as a chef in a Michelin restaurant


Last working day as a chef. It’s been nearly 2 years of sweating, swearing and crying, but also learning discipline, putting in long hours with people who become your family, creating dishes that are as graceful and elegant as a ballerina, learning more about my weaknesses and strengths, moving constantly out of my comfort zone, growing. For all of this, thank you. I take this wonderful luggage with me, and although I will have left a piece of my heart in the kitchen, by the prep board and the hot and cold pass, my mind tells me my journey in the world of Michelin stars is full and complete. I’ve learnt about the outer reaches of my human vulnerability and strength. I’ve learnt to obey, not question and follow the rules, whatever they might be. I’ve also learnt to give up and give in. I’ve learnt what a human is made from. For all of it, thank you.

Farvel Nykredit, hello Hotel D’angleterre!

IMG_20151102_123439Yes, time has (once again) come to to move on. This time, to a star restaurant mid Copnehagen, Hote d’angleterre’s Restaurant Marchal. I think it is closest I will ever come to boot camp military hardcore training in cooking, plating and serving. I love the food, the style, the international atmosphere and the team work I have become part of, as of yesterday. I have never thought that I would be given the chance to be part of their magic, but apparently hard work, motivation, courage and a bit of luck takes one into the right places.

I am extremely grateful to all my colleagues and our team at Nykredit, who have equipped me with the necessary skills to land such an internship, in one of the most coveted places in Copenhagen. Tusind tak, alle sammen!

I look forward to learning more, though this change will mean a new rhythm for our small family, too. For the time being, I am managing the physically demanding work hours, the enormous pressure at service time, waking up early enough to make breakfast for my children, so we could eat together, dropping them off to school, having a day off entirely for myself. It is a new life style, resembling quite a lot my student years – late nights, not so early mornings, and a lot of new people and stuff coming my way.

I am lastly extremely grateful to my loving husband, who is also my partner in crime, making all of this possible: for my dreams to come true, for us as a couple to pull through the demanding hours, for our children to have a normal everyday, and for us as a family to thrive and develop, individually and as a group. Köszönöm szépen, Kincsem.