Summer party at Isbjørnen

Izabel’s kindergarten had its annual summer party, and my daughter requested me to make a cake. Not just any cake, but an Elsa cake, with a FROST theme. I have never been a cake decoration fan, nor have I used fondant in my life. But I raised to the challenge, bought all the fondant I could find, messed it all up, and ended up with this.


IMG_20150604_140108 IMG_20150604_134056 IMG_20150604_132957

We never won, but the smile on Izabel’s face was worth all the effort.



I have never really entered any cake competition, simply because it was always easier to buy fruit or vegetables and am not really a fan – I was amazed at the amount of creativity, versatility and ideas the competitive moms have at our kindergarten. Our favourite was the ship below, made of all children’s favourite sweets, built creatively and with heart. It never won, officially, hats off though to the mother/father who made it.

IMG_20150604_162231 IMG_20150604_162328 IMG_20150604_162317 IMG_20150604_162302 IMG_20150604_162238 IMG_20150604_162138 IMG_20150604_162125 IMG_20150604_162004 IMG_20150604_161959





Wherein I win a grill

The school had organized a photo contest where we were asked to post a picture on their Facebook page, wherein we illustrate our passion for cooking.
I had sent in this picture of a passion fruit dessert I had discovered myself by accident:









and I won this Weber grill and accessories:







Tusind tak, Hotel og Restaurantskolen Valby!