A Tender Thing at Bådteatret

Fantastic acting, lovely and scary at the same time. Sue Hansen-Styles, you’re at once a fresh youth falling in love, a loving young wife dancing like a feather, a femme fatale, a woman in love, coming to terms with mortality, and you have a brilliant partner in Andrew Jeffers, your male counterpart, echoing all of the above without missing a beat. Thank you for the inspiring evening, the tears and laughter. Now: coupe royale with passion fruit, and back to family life. Looking forward to the next production!

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A Night to Remember

It’s over three weeks ago we went to see Hærværk at Det Kongelige Teater (The Royal Danish Theatre) – a wonderful story of rebellion in many ways, of rebirth and death and constant struggle told in a cinematic way. It was the very first time we experienced Nyhavn at night, without the children, careless, free and in love. For a lovely evening, köszönöm szépen, Kincsem.


PS. Silvia and Anita – thank you for making all of this possible.

Babusjka by Teater Gyda

The children and I went to see Babusjka today, yet another creative performance involving the talented Patricie Homolova, whom we had met during the Kulturmaskinen Festival. Matthias enjoyed the show thoroughly, all the small and colourful characters that were magically appearing from under Babusjka’s dress every now and then, with a new story to tell, a new song to sing, a new shape to take. Once again, I am grateful that shows and artists like these are available only 300 meters from our house. Thank you, Teater Gyda, we look forward to the next show!

Theatre Madame Bach – with Turkish pancakes!

We spent yesterday at the library in Vollsmose, an area of Odense heavily populated by foreigners, which makes it an interesting alternative to our everyday mainstream monotony. The main reason for visiting was the children’s play Blæst (Blown away) performed by the Theatre Madame Bacha sensory performance, with extremely creative props that both Matthias and I enjoyed very much. At times I think they should introduce theatre into main stream education, as an obligatory subject, say once per week – I am extremely glad and feel privileged to be living in a country, where the arts are supported and there seemingly is a large number of independent theatres that can if not thrive, make a living or survive with the support they get from the state.





















We rounded off the day with a visit to Vollsmose Center, where we tasted the delicious Turkish pancakes at Silas Hjørne – a culinary experience transporting me back to my years spent in Istanbul, and not only. I found them on the net as well, apparently they are famous!


Two Monsters

Matthias and I went to see De to uhyrer (The Two Monsters) at Nørregård Teater, a funny little play that Matthias enjoyed thoroughly,  despite the special effects that were at times scary. I am extremely grateful for this children’s theatre only 5 minutes walk away from where we live, that brings a prize-winning production at the price of 6 USD/ticket into town. Matthias got to meet the two actors at the end of the show, helped clean up the props, too. I can’t wait for Izabel to grow and be able to enjoy coming to the the theatre with us.

Modern (and cold) Ibsen

We went to see Koldt Produkt last night (multajn dankojn, Liss-Lotte, nia Esperanta avino por zorgi pri nia infaneto, Matthias). It was as shocking to watch the adapted version as it must have been in Ibsen’s time to watch the original – the ending was just as the titel, cold, cynical and lacking any sense of humanity, or perhaps precisely the opposite, humanity stripped to its bare essence. I found the actors extremely talented – it is rarely I hear so well articulated Danes, that I actually understand every single word without having to wonder what they were saying (and occasionally, screaming to each other). Being close to the scene, almost parttaking in the play itself, brought the whole experience extremely close to one’s perception of what was going on, you couldn’t help but feel the frustration pouring down on you, the anger and pain magnified on the electronic screen in the background – I rarely turn my face away from a screen or a stage, but last night I had to, as it was far too shocking, moving beyond my comfort zone. We both picked up Matthias with the feeling of gratefulness one has, after having thought their child was kidnapped. A strong and well-written, well-played scene, the closing scene will remain long after the proverbial curtain went down. Thank you, Odense Teater. Thank you, Ibsen.