The Belgian connection

We met Katrien, Peter and their sons, Caspar and Victor last summer, in Odense – a very nice Belgian family, vacationing in Denmark – our children started playing together and it ended up in a lovely evening at our place.
Today we got a parcel from them, full of goodies and a sweet card. It was so unexpected and heart-warming, from people we met only once in our lives to be thinking of us. Thank you, and hope to see you again in the near future!


Changes, in many ways

I received these (“well done!”) French lilies from Kincsem the day I was offered a job – they blossomed just like I have upon the news. It does entail though yet another move, establishing a new home and routine for the children, along with our life in Odense being turned upside down. I am excited and apprehensive at the same time as I have never lived in the suburbs, with the exception of Korup, where we were penniless, restless and childless. Well, apart from the children, not much has changed. We are considering moving by the end of December to either inner Copenhagen or Valby, the place where I will be working. I am anxious and feel a little bit like a droplet of ink that has just been dribbled into a glass of water – it will take some time to stabilize the colour of both ink and water, but once the molecules have had the chance to mix, everything will settle, like things have a tendency to do in nature and life.

Köszönöm szépen, Kincsem!

Words of Wisdom

There has to be a lightness; you have to be as light as you can be and not get weighed down and stuck in your emotion, stuck in your body, stuck in your head. You just want to always be trying to elevate somehow. (Bill Muray) – my attitude these days. Totally.