Sunday thoughts

At times I stop thinking about the pile of unwashed dishes, dirty socks under the bed, grey hairstrands, weedy garden, leftover candy bits in our bed, the blinking lights we never fix, the books we never seem to finish reading, the news on TV, Trump, global warming, the neighbours’ cat running away, I just look out our bedroom window and realize how lucky I am. #gratefulSunday


Cubism project in our son’s school.
Izabel: What’s cubism, mother?
Me: It’s art. Most of it in shapes of a cube or rectangle. The idea is to paint or do things the way you see them.
Izabel: What?
Matthias: It’s when your head is not round, but square. It’s still your head.
Izabel: What?
Matthias: Look at my lion. This is cubism.
Izabel: Oh, now I get it. Cubism is a lion with a square head. Right, mother?13043747_10209412919498989_873542833581434313_n