Wherein the postman rang twice

On my very birthday, the postman rang on our door – old-school. No email, no sms, no facebook message, no phone call. A mysterious parcel, addressed in my name, correctly spelt, from a certain A. Christensen from Aalborg. It was an Iselin Hermann meets Miss Marple moment, persisting a few seconds, until I got to the Monet card that explained it all. Dzenkuje bardzo Jola, loved the thought and the presents – so impeccably perfect timing, so impeccable taste, as always.



Dzenki, Jolka!

My old friend Jola, visited us just before Christmas, making a stop on her way from Lyon to Aalborg, just for us – we have been spoiled with gifts and I enjoyed time off with a woman I appreciate very much. Dzenki, Jolka, for everything.

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