Home office

I have been spoiled with yet another latop (köszönöm szépen, Kincsem!) – my home office looks like this almost constantly: laptop, notes, books, post-its, flowers, drinks and snacks on the side.

I am looking into renting an office somewhere midtown after our summer holiday. I miss getting out of the house, having contact with people and an office size printer and scanner.


Project Running: Training Day 12




A late afternoon run – I just love the light breaking through the trees. I have two job interviews tomorrow and am equally excited about both opportunities. Anxious to get back to work and glad to be starting a new chapter.

Free like a bird, poor like a churchmouse

I have quit my job today, for many reasons, the main being that I woke up not wanting to go to work. I did not want to be at work while I was at work. I could not see myself being at work the coming days, months or years. So I quit.
It is an enormously life-affirming experience to be able to say to yourself, you want to occupy yourself and spend your day working on tasks that fulfill you professionally and personally. It is admirable that my dearest Kincsem supports me in my decision, despite the fact that this would financially if not ruin us, make our life more difficult in the coming months. But having your head held high on an empty stomach has always been more improtant to us than crawling with a full one. So here’s to the coming months of frustrating job search, emotional roller-coaster and budget living. And the hope of finding that job that will make the difference between now and then.
PS. Thank you Izabel, for inspiring me this morning.

München mag mich!

I went for s short three day business trip to München – although we were mostly at the trade show, we managed to see the city by night – and eat at the obligatory Hofbräuhaus. A feisty city, full of life and atmosphere, worth visiting, despite it being often depicted as industrial, dirty and boring. It is the first city in Europe that I have visited that has a dedicated museum for fishery and hunting!




Fischrei und Jagdmuseum